It has taken me approximately the whole day to start writing. I have no idea what I will write, am just flowing with it. Yes, am new at this blogging world. Yes it has been stressful to make my site given the fact that I had to learn how WordPress works but it’s a work in progress.

I had the idea of starting a blog earlier in 2014, but it was on fashion. Fashion bloggers are in all corners and knowing me, I like being unique. Fashion would be the obvious pick for everyone who knows me but I wanted a challenge. I wanted to inspire people in what I write, something that would influence YOU to make some life changing decisions. I wanted to do something that would thought provoking. Writing that would touch lives. Yes …something different.

Do you have any idea what it will be????

Subscribe to find out …..


7 thoughts on “FIRST STEPS


    Hi gal, don’t know much bout blogging bt i look forward to learning more bout it from you, go gal don’t stop



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